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There’s nothing like the feeling of a fresh start or an opportunity to build up on what we’ve already accomplished. Starting anew in the year of the Metal Tiger is no different, despite forecasts that this is going to be a more challenging year, tumultuous even. Here below are things we can do to start the year right and help keep the good vibes throughout the year. It doesn’t hurt to be reminded of things we know but often forget, right?

  • De-clutter your network

Oxford Dictionary chose the word “unfriend” as word of the year in 2009. Unfriend is used in social networking sites when you take a person out of your list of friends. We can take the cue from this new word to learn that some people can be excess baggage in our lives, the kind who don’t matter to us, whose opinions we don’t value. Sometimes, the best favor we can give ourselves is to cut ties with those who don’t matter so that we can spend more time and energy with those that really mean more to us.

De-cluttering your network can also simply mean cleaning up your email, or emptying your computer trash bin, or throwing away old photos and keeping only those that you like or can share with friends on Facebook. So empty up some spaces from the past to give room for your new blessings this year.

  • Get started on wellness

Coming from the food fests we actively participated in during the holiday season, it’s time to sweat those unwanted love handles so we become fit to face this year’s challenges head on. Losing weight is not just about looking good, but also about having the energy so we can work hard and play hard.

So take up a fitness activity that you can enjoy with family and friends. Try running as a starter—it’s easy to do and you can enjoy the high from running like an athlete around a race track like Ultra, or enjoy early morning fresh air while running around UP Sunken Garden.

And when you’ve trained enough, try the 3K or 5K run in the upcoming Unilab Run United for Wellness on March 7 at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Tag along your kids, relatives, and friends to this first corporate-initiated public run that’s a health and wellness family day, too.

  •      Be more conscious of your choices

From instant noodles to cellphone models, the choices can be dizzying so before you get lost in the choosing, be clear with what you really need. Sometimes, some features in the items we want are only nice to have but have no functional benefit. Sometimes, we get so charmed by an ad’s promise we jumped into a purchase only to realize that we didn’t get the expected benefit, or we don’t need the product at all.

So be a wiser consumer by looking for a cheaper but quality alternative. But affordability does not always translate to quality, so make sure you know and trust the manufacturer so you can be assured of not only quality, but also safety in the products you buy.

      Indeed, making the right choices can be easy if we know how to ask the right questions: Sino’ng may gawa n’yan? Sinuri ba nang tama ‘yan? Maingat bang ginawa ‘yan? Subok na ba ‘yan?

  •  Beef up your savings

Every year has its unexpected visitors such as the super typhoons last year or an unforeseen event in the family. While we can never be fully prepared for these occurrences, we can at least give ourselves a bigger chance at overcoming the impact by having the means to move on and go on with life. 

So remember to save up more this year and build a bigger nest egg for emergencies down the line. Try 10 percent of your monthly income or develop alternative income streams such as freelance work online, a weekend part-time job, or even a home-based business like buy-and-sell.

Saving up and growing your money doesn’t just mean being financially ready; to some extent it’s about having peace of mind, isn’t it?

Before you worry over things outside of your control, work on those you have direct control of—like your health, your finances, your support system, and your attitude towards life. Happy new year!


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There are many ways to unwind at work or after work, specially after a stressful day or week. These are some of the things I do without burden on my pocket:


my extra ball, and it's not blue 😀

 Squeeze the stress away, thanks to my stress ball, which was given to me by a former officemate as a Christmas gift. She knew I like green; too bad I don’t like neon green haha! Just the same, her gift helped me through many instances when I felt like punching people in the face, kicking people in the butt, shouting at people to wake them up from their mediocrity or plain stupidity (in Tagalog, I always say “angking kabobohan” hahaha!), or simply getting frustrated over the simplest things. So the next time a friend or officemate asks you what Christmas gift you’d like, ask for a stress ball–it’s affordable, easy to buy, easy to use.

If I get bored with the stress ball, I pop a bubble wrap like an addict. I like the popping sound to be loud, repetitive, almost non-stop. My bubble wrap is partly shown in the pic above beside the stress ball. You don’t need to buy it; just make sure you are friends with your department secretary so that when the office buys some new furniture or have deliveries with bubble wrap, she has you in mind. 

it's all good!!!!!!!

It's all good!!!!!!!

I also make the most of lunch meetings or lunch-outs with officemates by taking photos of classic Pinoy English. The one above is the signage of an ukay-ukay store. It’s not only the actual words that amuse me, but also the love for exclamation point!!!!!!!! Hahahaha! And that “payless” statement is classic because now it is a brand of noodles!!!!!! Hahahaha. Errr, I’m so bad. 🙂

Eat at your own risk

Eat at your own risk

Here above is another, which I got from the menu card of a small Japanese restaurant in Mandaluyong City. The card says “No service charge included!” (how can I miss the exclamation point? Hahaha!).  The statement confuses me to this day because it means two things to me: “no service charge” and “service charge not yet included.” Uhmm, which is which? I guess this is in the same class as the classic and popular: “We can never can tell!” 😉

China to the world

China to the world

And this one above I saw at the Hong Kong New World Tower in China after eating lunch with some colleagues. I say this is classic because this signage is also appropriate as China’s message to the world for all the melamine scare from its milk and food products: “Working on quality and safety in progress, sorry for any inconvenient.” 😀

pimp my space

pimp my space


my concept of clean 😀

Sometimes, I also clean up my desk using alcohol and tissue–presto! clean desk (and i get a bit of high from the smell) hahaha! It’s a no-brainer that’s why it works, hehe!

Vroom! Vroom! at work

Playing Schuey

Or sometimes when the boss is out, I play with my Ferrari F50 on my desk or on the floor. Maybe next time I’ll try a remote-controlled toy car. Harharhar!

Last of all, I blog. Not as often as I’d want to, though, but at least it’s an option that’s always there, and free, and convenient, sometimes even cathartic, and best of all, I’m the boss without the actual worries of a boss. 😀

Care to share some of your tips? hehe.

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