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If there’s something laudable about the brand Red Horse Beer other than the kick in its full-flavored taste, it is the commitment to discover Filipino talents in rock music. I say commitment because the brand has successfully sustained its Muziklaban Rock Challenge for 13 years now. That’s no easy feat considering how many local talent competitions we hear about that just come and go.

One reason for the staying power of Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Rock Challenge is because it’s very relevant not only to the brand, but also to a targeted community of shared interest—lovers of all things rock music. And it stayed true to this community despite the lure of more popular genres or the excitement of a new customer engagement program. I believe Red Horse Beer is doing it right.

And it’s doing it even better this year by embracing social media to reach out to more amateur rock bands in the country. Aside from submitting entries manually through San Miguel Brewery sales offices and designated venues and through live studio auditions across the Philippines, amateur rock bands can now submit entries through the Red Horse beer website, its Facebook page, or even through Youtube. And for the formal launch of this year’s competition, Red Horse Beer did its first ever digital press conference via live streaming from Hard Rock Cafe in Makati City. I was one of the lucky ones to be invited. 🙂

Digital is good, but there are things best enjoyed live, like a cold Red Horse Beer

The means to reach out and discover more Pinoy talents may change and evolve with the times but making Pinoy rock the constant is the way to go for Red Horse Beer. It is showing the way for many other established brands that are still in the search for a relevant, unique, and sustainable engagement program for customers.


Deadline of submission of entries: September 15, 2011

Eliminations: October 1 to November 5, 2011

Semi-finals: November 2011

Grand Finals: January 2012

The Grand Champion will win P1M worth of prizes: P500,000 cash prize, band start-up support through music video or album production support worth P300,000, and a Red Horse Beer endorsement deal worth P200,000.

The winner in the best original Red Horse Beer song composition will also take home P500,000 cash prize.

For more details on Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Rock Challenge, visit this site.

Rakrakan na!


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