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If there’s something laudable about the brand Red Horse Beer other than the kick in its full-flavored taste, it is the commitment to discover Filipino talents in rock music. I say commitment because the brand has successfully sustained its Muziklaban Rock Challenge for 13 years now. That’s no easy feat considering how many local talent competitions we hear about that just come and go.

One reason for the staying power of Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Rock Challenge is because it’s very relevant not only to the brand, but also to a targeted community of shared interest—lovers of all things rock music. And it stayed true to this community despite the lure of more popular genres or the excitement of a new customer engagement program. I believe Red Horse Beer is doing it right.

And it’s doing it even better this year by embracing social media to reach out to more amateur rock bands in the country. Aside from submitting entries manually through San Miguel Brewery sales offices and designated venues and through live studio auditions across the Philippines, amateur rock bands can now submit entries through the Red Horse beer website, its Facebook page, or even through Youtube. And for the formal launch of this year’s competition, Red Horse Beer did its first ever digital press conference via live streaming from Hard Rock Cafe in Makati City. I was one of the lucky ones to be invited. 🙂

Digital is good, but there are things best enjoyed live, like a cold Red Horse Beer

The means to reach out and discover more Pinoy talents may change and evolve with the times but making Pinoy rock the constant is the way to go for Red Horse Beer. It is showing the way for many other established brands that are still in the search for a relevant, unique, and sustainable engagement program for customers.


Deadline of submission of entries: September 15, 2011

Eliminations: October 1 to November 5, 2011

Semi-finals: November 2011

Grand Finals: January 2012

The Grand Champion will win P1M worth of prizes: P500,000 cash prize, band start-up support through music video or album production support worth P300,000, and a Red Horse Beer endorsement deal worth P200,000.

The winner in the best original Red Horse Beer song composition will also take home P500,000 cash prize.

For more details on Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Rock Challenge, visit this site.

Rakrakan na!


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human drive

A fresh gait in the walk. Refreshed. But only temporarily because the drive that used to sustain the energy has now waned. Or found a new host, which is everything but a blurry, hazy horizon to them. It’s their drive that drives them now, dictating the pace and direction, only they are held hostage by it and don’t know why.  They just follow without question, without hesitation. The drive is now human and them, the abstract, intangible feeling.

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As we welcome the new year, let’s take a quick look at the newsmakers and noisemakers in the Philippines for 2010. This is in no particular order.

a. Presidential Elections and Pnoy. This elections made noise not only because it’s the first automated elections in the Philippines, but also because people wanted a new president so badly. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, riding on his parents’ popularity and legacy, convinced many Filipinos that he’s the right man for the job. But it was his love life and the communication booboos of his appointees that caught more public attention than the changes he’s started to institute.

b. Manila Hostage Crisis at the Quirino Grandstand. This is, sadly, the biggest news and noise in the Philippines for 2010 and it’s not good for the Philippines. You only need to google “Manila Hostage Crisis” to see all the sites devoted to the anguish and anger over this hostage drama. I watched this live on TV and I never felt the kind of fear in my life before by just watching something on TV. Here’s part of it:  

c. SC decision on the Vizconde Massacre. The unexpected noisemaker for the last month of 2010 is the Supreme Court decision acquitting Hubert Webb and 6 others from the Vizconde Massacre case. Lauro Vizconde’s effort of seeking justice for losing his wife and daughters in a gruesome homicide was all put in vain, no thanks to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

d. Jejemons. The new branding for jologs became mainstream in 2010. This is a subculture in Manila characterized by how they change words in text messages to the point of being incomprehensible.  This pop culture group even has its own translator. Click here to try it out.

e. Venus Raj. The 4th runner up in the 2010 Ms. Universe made local noise because of her “major, major” answer in the pageant, criticized by many who thought she could do so much better in the Q&A portion. “Major, major” has become a popular part of Pinoy lingo.

f. Manny Pacquiao. Pacman, the People’s Champ, makes world history by being the first boxer to win 10 world titles in eight weight divisions. He beat Antonio Margarito, who suffered a fractured right orbital bone, to win the vacant junior middleweight belt.

Do you have any addition to the list of Philippine noisemakers and newsmakers for 2010?

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2009 is coming to a close and so I thought of doing some reminiscing of the past months to identify the 10 newsmakers and noisemakers in 2009. Here goes my list, in no particular order: 

  1. Nicole a.k.a Suzette Nicolas: She recanted rape story against US lance corporal Daniel Smith, mocking efforts of feminist groups that lobbied in her favor, leaving many wondering “sino ba lasi? sino ang tunay na baliw?”
  2. Ted Failon: The broadcaster who was made primary suspect  for his wife’s death, but was proven innocent
  3. A(H1N1) or swine flu: The only kind of pig Pinoys won’t dare touch
  4. Hayden Kho: His sex videos with actresses Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes put some porn films to shame and his license for medical practice to eternal rest
  5. Cory Aquino: Her death reawakened a sense of nationalism in many and made her son Noynoy the ‘sentimental’ candidate for the presidency
  6. Ondoy and Pepeng: The uninvited that ravaged Manila and parts of Luzon, making Pinoys realize that LVs and Secosanas are both equal in floodwaters 
  7. Manny Pacquiao: Pacman makes history with five boxing titles made more interesting with a cover in Time and an alleged illicit affair with starlet Krista Ranillo
  8. Ampatuans: The megalomaniac clan who are allegedly the masterminds behind the Maguindanao Massacre with the main suspect pleading insanity to be scot-free
  9. Efren Penaflorida: The Tondo boy who was named CNN Hero of the Year for his kariton classroom that educates streetchildren in Manila


Who do you think should complete the 10?

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it was nice talking with you again. in that little corner where we try to hide from the stares of many. where we don’t mind time. or deadlines. or annoying bosses. or from the truth that we shouldn’t be seen together like this.

because like this is that wide space where people volunteer to join in to cover the distance, to create a false sense of certainty when all they have is a fraction of an abstract, to rush into a shared meaning where there’s none. it’s a wide open space that can fit my bloated ego and someone else’s bloated sense of insecurity.

but what if we did own up to that wide open space, claim it as ours, and fit that right into our little corner? we don’t know because we never thought of asking. we’ll probably not even consider answering.

i’m on the losing end on this one. i’m so used to it already. losing. being a loser. but i take joy in knowing that should we wish, we can always go back and claim that little corner—yet always tentatively—hiding from the stares of many, not minding time or deadlines or annoying bosses. not even from the truth that we shouldn’t be seen together like this.

because like this is how we both want it to be.

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i know this is very late, Acey, but like the cliche goes: better late than later 😀 so here’s my answers to the survey.

last place you took a nap in?  last night, in my room.

do you dance in the car? i sing along with the radio or laugh with Chico and Delamar during Morning Rush.

who is the first person you would call if you needed help? depends on what kind of help. if sanity, my college friends. if money, mussolini

what did you do friday night? took a looong bath and slept. i was exhausted from the trek to Taal Volcano in Batangas with some colleagues.

will you cry at your wedding? is a wedding really still necessary in these times? 😀  (ok, crucify me now. Haha!)

how is life going for you right now? standstill; many unfinished businesses.

have you ever not been able to get someone off of your mind? lately yes. he’s an old man i’d like to murder. his name is TOM, short for The Old Man. Let’s keep it at that.

how many wives or husbands do you want? my aunt once brought me to a seer when I was a kid. The seer saw the two identical moles on my neck below the collar bone. She concluded that all my wives will die. Wives. Oh yeah.

do you know your best friend’s middle name? Now that I think of it, I don’t have a best friend. I lost contact with my HS best friend when he migrated to the US. I had some issues with my girl best friend. Okay let’s stop it I’m crying now huhuhu! 😛

how late did you stay up last night? why? almost 2 AM. Tried to finish reading a social media book, but got bored so I checked my DVD titles and decided to watch again a Paz Vega film. I was bored no longer.

have you done anything embarrassing today? no. i was all sane today.

do you think you will ever get married? maybe yes, maybe not. we can never can tell, you know.

have you ever eaten food that’s been on the ground for longer than 10 seconds? No.

have you ever eaten one of those massive bags of m&m’s in one sitting? how boring. i downed 2 small packs of M&Ms, a bar of Kitkat,  another bar of Hershey’s dark chocolate, and a pack of Flat Tops while watching an AI episode last season. I forgot all about the performances, but not the chocolates I ate.

have you ever met someone called marty? yes, Roland Marty Go, a good friend since college. He’s an uber-rich Filipino-Chinese who thinks he’s German. He polluted my innocent mind in college by gifting me one Christmas with a calendar with naked photos of Pam Anderson. My mom saw it one time in my old files and threw it away. Lucky basurero.

do you think it’s the funniest thing ever when people trip? just the thought of it makes me laugh. really. i’d also laugh at myself if i trip big time. 

do you hide behind the fridge door and drink straight out of the bottle? i drink straight from a Gatorade bottle, not from the pitchers in the fridge.

do you eat tomatoes? yes. i like it best with itlog na maalat. now i’m hungry. again. Haha!

Feel free to answer the same survey in your own blog.

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I’m usually unable to sense a person’s true emotion in a text message; an emoticon hardly does the job, though it sometimes offers a hint. My sister’s text message to me tonight is different.

Bro, I want to resign from my job.

No emoticons in it, but I can sense the underlying frustration, even exhaustion, in her message. She’s having a rough time at work, I know that, but I didn’t expect it to be too much for her to give up. Not this soon. She’s barely half a year into her new assignment, leading a new group of people handling smaller accounts than she’s used to in her previous assignment.

“Why?” was my only reply, sensing she’d probably like to elaborate.

I’m frustrated. I’m not reaching my quota and I’m not getting the support from my boss.

My sister is into sales, which is totally unrelated to her degree in Food Technology. She discovered early on in her career that she likes selling the food more than developing it. Then she realized she loves the whole idea of sales and that it doesn’t necessarily have to be food. She made the successful switch.

Don’t give up on the first signs of failure, unless you believe there’s nothing more to learn.

Did I tell her the right thing? I’m starting to doubt it.

I remember my first corporate job, which I gave up easily after some bouts with frustration at work. I gave up that easily, even without another job to move into, believing that I didn’t deserve a job I no longer enjoyed doing.

Years later, that daring decision turned out to be one of the best choices I’ve made in my life—a decision that I now feel will be hard to do as easily as I did the first time. Not during this meltdown. Not during a period in my life when I’m starting to grasp the difference between present and future. Not now. Not with this brand of cowardice at making major changes in my status quo.

If my sister texted me the same message years back, I would have responded differently.

Quit it when it feels right. You have to know when to give up so you can move on.

She probably also won’t text back.

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