a day trip to Taal Volcano

Question: What is an island on a lake in an island on a lake  in an island on an ocean?

Answer: Taal Volcano



Taal Volcano up close


Taal Yacht Club in Talisay, Batangas
Getting near Volcano Island

That’s how our tour guide slash bangkero described Taal Volcano as the motorized boat leaves the Taal Yacht Club in Talisay, Batangas. We reached the Volcano Island in minutes and from the boat, we saw the Tagaytay Ridge. “For a change we’re viewing Tagaytay from Taal,” I told my officemates, smiling as our other colleagues took a photo of us from another boat. “I hope this volcano doesn’t act up while we’re here or we’ll swim for our lives.” 😀

the welcome party at the foot of the volcano
so near yet so far
no pets allowed in our hike

Taal Volcano, said some online sources, now seems a small volcano but it used to be one of the world’s largest, towering 18,000 feet into the sky. Small as it may seem, the hike to its crater rim wasn’t very easy, but it was enjoyable. We chose to do the walking trail instead of riding horses, which we felt would take away the fun in the experience. We were so right. The hike took about an hour and we stopped several times to either take photos or simply enjoy the view.

enjoying the view after a long hike
taking it all in

The view from the rim was breathtaking (after all that walking? why not! Haha) as much as it was calming. Not content with the the view, we decided to hike down to the crater lake and yes, we swam in its sulfuric glory. Haha. 🙂 It was good for the skin, the tour guide said, but it was bad for the clothes. Haha! I didn’t mind it—the experience of swimming in a volcano’s crater lake made it all worth it. I just wished I could kayak my way around it, like I did in Coron, Palawan.

rushing to swim in the lake
the island on a lake in an island...

Our stomachs were our guide to stop swimming and take the hike back up to the crater rim and then down to the foot of the volcano. The boat ride back to Taal Yacht Club was like a roller coaster ride, no thanks to the nasty waves that made my officemates repent for their sins on the spot and prayed to all the saints they know 🙂

I got quite scared alright but I chose to enjoy the moment while it lasted: I sat near the front end of the boat, talking all the face-slapping from the waves, occasionally closing my eyes as I listened to the mad waters, as if asking for more, telling myself that no amount of exhaustion or worry or fear should take away the fun in this nature adventure.  And boy did I enjoy it.

Taal Volcano crater lake

15 thoughts on “a day trip to Taal Volcano

    1. I was told Mt. Pinatubo in Zambales is more beautiful. I hope to hike that, too, and swim in its crater lake. =)

    1. The Yacht Club offers that kind of trek too so we chose that over just hiking up to the rim and viewing the lake from afar. You’re getting close to it anyway so might as well get REALLY close. Haha 🙂

    1. And hiring those horses is kinda expensive too, so we dropped the idea. what’s the fun in a trek on horses? 😛

    1. I also thought it would be like a hot spring, but it was surprisingly lukewarm. The big stones make swimming difficult for a non-swimmer like me haha. 😉

  1. nice pics… glad you to know you had fun 🙂 I’ve seen Taal Volcano but never came close. I bet the air was equally refreshing. The crater looks awesome !

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